Happy Easter!

Welcome To Easter City! The Capital Of The Easter Holiday And Home Of The Easter Bunny! Learn About The Supernatural Story Of Easter…

[The image above is The Easter Bunny in one of his humanoid forms.]

Easter 2024

The old Easter Village still exists on the outskirts of the city…

The Easter Bunny delivered enchanted eggs, candy, and other small gifts to the children of the world on Easter Eve. Some contain temporary paranormal powers for those in the secret society of the supernatural. The Bunny hides his glorious gifts so the kids get the satisfaction of earning the reward. He’s able to do this with great speed courtesy of his bunny wormholes that grant his access to anywhere on Earth instantly! Afterward, he visited various paranormal places to briefly join Easter festivities. At the top of his list is a visit to fellow Saint Nicholas at North Pole City. Later in the day Santa returned the favor and visited the Bunny at Easter City. For over 1000 Years it was the Easter Village. However, a recent powerful cloaking spell was cast allowing for a grander Easter Capital. The magic spell now makes the city slightly out of phase with reality for maximum invisibility.

The Easter Bunny is the world’s only known Werehare which can take a variety of full rabbit forms along with bipedal humanoid bunny forms that can be up to 6 feet tall. His original human state of Saint Egbert can only be attained on Christmas Day and his Day Of Sainthood on April 24th. In his various bunny forms, he hosted the Easter City celebrations which included an official ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new city, a delightful dinner, an Easter Egg Hunt, fireworks, and much more! In the evening the annual ceremonial resurrection took place as the Easter Bunny raised a fallen member of the supernatural community back from the dead. This year it was a Werewolf Hunter named Susan Simons who had died in the line of duty protecting innocent lives. She now walks among us again!

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